Nü Androids is a Washington, D.C. based community of music enthusiasts. We are constantly seeking upcoming artists that are pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music to come perform at our home, Flash. 

Meet The Squad

Nayef Issa

Brad Piff

Julian Ragland

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Amber Lashbaugh

1/3 DJ, 1/3 Programmer and 1/3 Photographer. Making the world a better place by one song, one app and one photo at a time.

Muzafar Umarov

Rebecca DeCrescenzo

british bacon + music enthusiast

Alex Noize

My real name is Colin, but a lot of people call my Calvin. I'll let you decide why.

Colin Jeske

Fulltime music aficionado/part-time pizza crusher.

Roberto Ramos

Live love laugh and dance your ass off. Lol I'm Joey I been all around the world and back for music. I'm 26 and a Taurus. I love my music deeper then the Atlantic and darker then Gotham.

Joey Phommasy

Soul as dark as techno

Betha Ross