26 Oct The Monster Ball feat. Claptone w/ Cassian, Westen


October 25 - 10:00 pm


October 26 - 03:00 am

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A.i. (Hook Hall)

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Washington, DC, US, 20010

Our first Halloween costume party pop-up featuring Claptone w/ Cassian, Westend + Danny House!

The Monster Ball (Costume Party) feat.

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Westend’s work can be found at the intersection of aggressive low frequencies, quirky vocals, and crisp production. He has had chart topping releases on Dirtybird, Club Sweat, Box of Cats, Audiophile XXL and IN/ ROTATION.


Danny House

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Originally from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Danny House has lived and absorbed music from virtually everywhere in the world, after Addis, he went on to live in Tanzania, Switzerland, England, then finally came to America. Danny House started his music career as a hip-hop, R &B, and pop producer at the age of sixteen, and had mastered five different musical instruments by the age of fourteen. It was in 2007 when his production started veering in the electronic dance music genre. By 2008 that was all he was producing.

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The Monster Ball is our first Halloween themed A.i. experience. We’ve conjured up maximum spookyness to create a variety of special drinks, decor, and other surprises for you on this night of feels. Monster costumes aren’t required but they are absolutely necessary to be weird and have fun.

A monster can be defined as a supernatural being, your video game/movie creature, a Pokemon, or whatever the heck you want. We really don’t care. The possibilities are endless and we don’t want to restrict any imagination. Small prizes will be given for showing up in costume but we’ll also have a grand prize to our favorite one.

Stay tuned for more details on all the activities that we have planned for you.


A.i. is a pop-up experience created by Nu Androids.




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